Our Indian Banking Community Cloud (IBCC) is a unique Community Cloud Computing ecosystem that is fully dedicated to the banking and financial services community. Its contemporary and enterprise-class cloud infrastructure offers banks world-class functionality without the hassle of platform and operations management.

Created with the intent to enable technologically competence in banks, IBCC Cloud offerings can be subscribed in full or partially for specific services. This subscription model allows newer and emerging banks to save on setting up IT infrastructure costs and use only the services that they immediately require. That’s not all, users can also benefit from additional cost optimisation depending on the target market or segment, as most of the offerings have been designed to be flexible and operable in a shared or dedicated set up.

What truly sets IBCC apart though, is our focus on financial services along with our deep domain and technology acumen. These were key factors in the successful move and operation of services that were so far considered to be not adaptable to cloud services like Core Banking and SFMS Client. No wonder our earliest customers from 2013-14 are still using our services!


Highly secured Availability Zones in Tier-3 / Tier-4 Data Centres with 24x7 availability.

State of the art multi-layered security

High-end enterprise Blade servers and storage for optimum performance and easy scalability

Infrastructure with multiple redundancies for high availability (HA)

Carrier-class network layer

Separate Secured multi-vendor MPLS cloud network for financial services community with HA and AFO

Strong tie-ups with infrastructure and data centre partners

Our offerings include

Storage and hosting service

Infrastructure and platform as a service (IaaS/PaaS)

Data Centre as a service / Disaster Recovery as a service

Software as a service (SaaS)

Payments system (SFMS Multibank)

Core banking solution (CBS)

Channel solutions (Mobile Banking, Wallet, FI BC etc.)

Support / Enabling solutions (Learning Management, E-mail)


Secure object storage and sharing environment (GoldStore)

What sets us apart

A dedicated Cloud MPLS
to connect to the Cloud

Keen understanding of data security and privacy needs with client data located within Indian geographical boundaries

Highly secured internal environment & encrypted traffic

DMZ for externally
exposed applications

Governance, risk & compliances processes including business continuity plans

Innovative/Best fit solutions that leverage the collective mindset of an organisation focussed on the financial services sector