The Indian Financial Network (INFINET) is the communication backbone of the Indian Banking and Financial Sector. All banks in the public, private and cooperative sectors as well as premier financial institutions in the country are members of INFINET. INFINET is a Closed User Group Network for the exclusive use of its member banks and financial institutions. It is network platform for the National Payments System, which caters mainly to inter-bank applications like RTGS, Delivery Vs Payment, Government Transactions, Automatic Clearing House, etc.

infinet_3 INFINET is an MPLS network, providing the performance characteristics of layer-2 networks and the connectivity and network services of layer-3 networks, improved scalability and easy upgrade of bandwidth through a configuration change at the provider-end and the time involved in upgrading the link is less.
The INFINET MPLS network provides for low latency since it involves minimal processing time at the router. The present SLA is for latency of not over 100ms. The architecture changes are underway to bring it to below 50 ms and even better for latency sensitive payment system applications as per user requirements. The INFINET MPLS improves the possibilities for Traffic Engineering and supports the delivery of services with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees.