About Us

IFTAS (Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services) operates and provides the following solutions for banks and financial institutions:

  1. INFINET, the communications backbone of all the banks and financial institutions in India.
  2. SFMS, India’s largest financial messaging platform, facilitating RTGS and NEFT transactions.
  3. Bank On Cloud is based on IBCC (Indian Banking Community Cloud), the most trusted cloud platform for banks and financial institutions in India. Bank On Cloud solution includes IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS and SaaS (CBS, Mobile Banking, etc.) to banks.

Apart from running critical infrastructure services, IFTAS is also focused on creating and propagating disruptive technology products and services that enables quantum leaps in banking and financial services.

IFTAS is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has Technology & Operations facilities in Hyderabad, India.

IFTAS is a Section 8 company, registered under the Companies Act 2013 (CIN: U74900TG2015NPL097485).